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My Story

     I started B Free Now with the intentions of guiding you toward emotional freedom. Emotional freedom is personal to me because it is what I wanted. Thus, I went on a mission to cultivate this for myself. However, through my work as a psychotherapist I have seen that my clients want this too.

     Many of us have grown up in dysfunctional homes and have felt oppressed, trapped, frustrated, abandoned, confused, angry, helpless, and so forth. Some of us have tried to feel better through many different treatments and/or processes, and some have not known where to begin. Either way is okay. It is never too late to start or to add to the tools you have already learned.  Dysfunction and emotional pain don't have to be a way of life. Beliefs and feelings are transmittable.  

     My service is not limited to your background or experience. It is for any adult interesting in expanding perception and seeking emotional freedom. I offer Maria’s Aha videos on Instagram and YouTube, and workshops and courses. You can begin where you feel comfortable. My service is unique because it is an eclectic mix of mind, spirit and body. Moreover, what I talk about and teach is a way a of life, not a job. 

Mountain Climbing

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step

-Lao Tzu

Bridging The 
Psyche And Soul 

My Approach

     My approach is eclectic. I combine cognitive behavioral techniques, inner-child work, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistics programing, mediations and spirituality to help you unify your psyche with our spirit. Through these techniques you will increase your self-awareness, make deeper connections between your psyche and soul, learn how to change old patterns, and learn how to meet your own emotional needs. 

     We have been conditioned in our childhood, and most of us have learned that in order to stay safe we need to stand in the background, manipulate, pretend to be fine, runaway or fight to stay safe. I teach how to break through old patterns and barriers so that you can drop maladaptive patterns and embrace healthy coping skills. This change will bring you back to your soul and you will feel more empowered and whole. 

     By addressing deep rooted beliefs and learning to create a healthier way of staying emotionally safe you will experience elevated mood, reduced anxiety, increased self-trust, and reduced inner and outer conflicts. This is because as you shift your beliefs your feelings change, your needs change, and your actions change. Wooohoooo!!!

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